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Sogeclair : AM Heat Exchanger: A Solution for the Future Aircraft

Upcoming webinar hosted by AddUp, Printsky, and Sogeclair! Join Alexian Juin, Nicolas Correge, and Alexandre Boulzaguet on Wednesday, April 17th, at 5pm CET / 11 am EST.

In the world of aerospace engineering, thermal management for fluidic applications is crucial. Additive manufacturing offers important technological advances in the development and performance of heat exchangers which will greatly benefit the next generation aircraft.

Join us for our webinar: AM Heat Exchanger: A Solution for the Future Aircraft, where we explain how additive supports a more efficient and complex design for heat exchangers offering a safer and more sustainable future for aircrafts. AddUp will be joined by experts from Sogeclair and PrintSky to fully showcase the importance of AM technology in the aerospace industry and specifically in heat exchanger development.

Sogeclair is an expert in engineering services to provide innovative, high value solutions for safer and more efficient mobility in the aerospace, automotive and defense industries. Learn more about Sogeclair here: https://sogeclair.com/

PrintSky is a joint venture created by AddUp and Sogeclair dedicated to the incubation of industrial production projects in the field of metal additive manufacturing for the aeronautics, space and defense industries.

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