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For each version below, there are various debugging / corrections / improvements to the calculation code, and corrections / improvements to the interfacing. Only the main additions/modifications are presented below for each section of the software:

Updates / New features 7.2.5 (Date: 26th January 2024)

Sizing & Simulation:
- The choice of personal thermophysical properties is now available with interpolation and extrapolation between two point distinct from the process condition for all technologies.
- Improvement of the meshing in some SIZING computer programs (single-phase Shell and Tube, Tube-in-Tube, Plate, Spiral Plate Heat exchangers) in order to better take into account, the variation of the thermophysical properties (especially for high temperature differences between the inlet and outlet) and to obtain more accurate results.
- Display of Fluid Mass value is now available for all technologies in « Thermohydraulic » interface.
- Display of Nozzle ρV² value is now available for some technologies, especially for Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, in «Thermohydraulic» interface and also in specification datasheet.
- U-Tube rear End Head option is now available on Single-Phase Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
- Improvement of geometrical input for Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (take into account of tubular plate thickness, inlet and outlet baffle spacing can be now different, etc.).
- Number of Fed-tube or Fed-channel are displayed for technology with several passes, and a warning message appears when this number is a non-integer number (more complex circuit).
- Improved calculation for singular pressure drops on bend for two-phase fluid heat exchanger.
- Different new warning messages for Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger to guide the user.
- For Plate Heat Exchanger, it is now possible to run calculation with a dimensionless pitch (ratio of corrugation pitch on corrugation height) higher than 3,33 and less than 2.
- Different adding and improvement of correlation.

- Improvement of results display: named of the selected heat transfer and friction factor law are now showing on results and flow regime is now display.

- Harmonization, update and improvement of the different documents: notice, information documents in each computer program with more precise assumptions and limits, help file, etc.

Updates / New features 7.2.4 (Date: 25th July 2023)

Sizing & Simulation:
- Integration of new calculation sheet in simulation mode dedicated to the technology called "Circular Finned Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger" in single-phase flow.
- Improvement of meshing in simulation tools of Coil Wound Heat Exchanger

Updates / New features 7.2.3 (Date: 28th April 2023)

Technology Decision Support:
- The title of the "Single-Phase / Single-Phase Heat Exchanger" form has been changed to "Liquid / Liquid Heat Exchanger" to be consistent with the other forms in this tab.
- In the "Liquid / Liquid HE", "Gas / Liquid HE" and "Gas / Gas HE" calculation sheet, information about the chosen criteria is displayed directly on the interface according to the number in the drop-down list (previously displayed only in the help PDFs).

Sizing & Simulation:
- Integration of the first phase change simulation sheet of the software: new sheet dedicated to the technology called "Continuous Finned Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger" with intratubular evaporation in simulation.
- Addition of the BEST DESIGN option on the "Continuous Finned Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger - Single-Phase Fluids" sheet.
- Improved calculations of external flow sections, as well as increasement factor for the "Circular Finned Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger" technology.
- Addition in the " THERMOHYDRAULIC " interface of the mass of fluid inside the tubes for tubular technologies in " SIZING " mode for two-phase heat exchanger.

- Added correlations from the publications of Junqi & Al. 2013 dedicated to the calculation of friction factor and partial heat exchange coefficient for "Plate-Fin Single-Phase" technology equipped with corrugated fins.

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