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SHERHPA : Deliverable D13b – System Integration of Heat Pumps

Résumé :
The objectives of the report are to explore cost-benefit analysis of a refrigeration system with different refrigerants and to obtain cost and Coefficient of Performance (COP) relations for a range of evaporation and rejection temperatures. Those cost correlations have been ready to be further used for overall modelling of heat pump systems.

This research has been targeted to both one-stage and two-stage refrigeration systems employing propane or ammonia as refrigerants.

The work was delivered in the UK and GBP has been used as a monetary unit.

The conversion to EUR is possible using a factor (changeable) 0.6914 (EBC 2006) Annual cost has been used as a year is used for planning cost and budgeting.

The operating time for the refrigeration system was considered as 8600 h/y. More detailed analysis of other systems is being prepared in the future work within
SHERHPA project.


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