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Les adhérents du GRETh

S2 Engineering Industry PVT LTD

Adhérent PREMIUM Fabricant / Distributeur d'échangeurs


S2 Engineering Industries (S2) is a leading international manufacturer of stainless steel and nickel/alloy steel equipment to ISO, DIN, ASME, PED, CE and API standards.

In addition to our standard range of Reactors, Receivers, Storage Tanks, Dryers, Filters and Columns, we specialize in providing total turnkey solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry sector including integrated Barrier Isolators, Thermal Heating/Cooling Systems and equipment with Glass Lined wetted parts.

Activité(s) principale(s)

S2 specialize in providing stainless steel and exotic alloy products such as Reactors, Agitators, Dryers and Storage tanks. Our stainless steel technology provides good general resistance against chemical and abrasive attack which can be further enhanced with Exotic Alloy (Hastelly) materials of construction or our chemical resistant coatings and/or glass lining (Enamel) spraying technology.

As we are part of a much larger Group of Companies (Standard Group), we can supply full Turnkey Equipment solutions comprising of Barrier Isolators (Glove Boxes), Glass Lined Equipment and Thermal Control Systems. Please see the links to some of our group websites on the header section of this website.

As a turnkey supplier, S2 has appropriate internal process controls, document traceability procedures and technical track record/experience, to ensure ‘complete client peace of mind’.

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