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Intensified and high performances thermosyphon reboilers application to the oil and gas process industries

Résumé :
The main purpose of this project was to improve and develop high efficient evaporators and reboilers, used in the oil and gas processing industries, by introducing innovative technologies. Process intensification has been achieved by reducing the size of the equipments and increasing heat transfer, which lead to higher heat recovery and lower energy consumption. In order to reach these objectives, both innovative technologies and accurate design methods have been developed. Finally, promotion and diffusion of the results towards end-users have been emphasised by evaluation of the technical and economic feasibility.
This project has focused on both tube and plate fin bundles applied to the oil and gas processing industries, and dealt with :

· the establishment of thermal and hydraulic performances of innovative surfaces under actual flow conditions (boiling of hydrocarbons) ;

· the development and the validation of a new design methodology, based on local
and overall flow modelling ;

· the construction and the test of a 5 MW pilot unit incorporating enhanced tubes ;

· the test of a vertical intensified plate fin thermosyphon ;

· the organisation of a seminar (Grenoble, France, 29-30 June 2000);

· the promotion and the diffusion of innovative enhancement techniques for

The programme has successfully reached its objectives with the contribution of 4 EU countries. The work has been conducted by R&D laboratories (Greth, IKE and NTUA), with a strong industrial participation: including tube and heat exchanger manufacturers (Ciat, Nordon and Wieland), engineering and software companies (Technip and CS) as well as endusers (Shell and Targor).

THONON Bernard

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