7th International Seminar on Organic Rankine Cycle Power Systems

04sepToute la journée067th International Seminar on Organic Rankine Cycle Power Systems

Détails de l'évènement

The long-term objectives set forth by the European Commission in the Green Deal call for a concerted effort of our scientific community, the industry and the European administration. Time is short and hence joint mechanisms for the planning and implementation of new technologies and solutions which can tackle these objectives timely and effectively are of paramount importance. This has become even more relevant in recent months, where social and political tension worldwide has put security of supply and energy independence at the forefront of energy transition together with global (environmental, economic, social) sustainability.

Past editions of the conference and recent publications of the Knowledge Center on Organic Rankine Cycle have shown that ORC technology is already a cornerstone of energy transition, thanks to its versatility, flexibility and reliability. The market is growing (number of installations and rated output of individual units) and expanding into new energy sources and applications. It is hence about the right time to join our community and to strengthen your network in order to become a key contributor to solving the challenges ahead of us.



septembre 4 (Lundi) - 6 (Mercredi)


Meliá Sevilla

Calle Dr. Pedro de Castro, 1

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