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CISM Course on boiling heat transfer and boiling equipment

The objective of this course is to provide with the most updated methods for the prediction of boiling heat transfer, its enhancement, its applications to technological and industrial areas. Specific attention will be paid to the description and prediction of the critical heat flux, which represents the upper limit of the boiling heat transfer and has to be avoided for safety reasons.

Boiling of mixtures, which is of paramount importance for industrial applications such as retrofitting of existing plants will be treated exhaustively. Application to compact heat exchangers will be dealt with special care in view of the industrial interest towards this component, while the very recent application of boiling heat transfer to microscale, including microstructured surfaces, which allow very high heat transfer rates for specific applications, will be treated in great detail.

The course is addressed to scientists, professionals, engineers and graduate students in the several fields of engineering, applied and fundamental sciences with specific interest in phenomena involving boiling (process industry, refrigeration industry, energy production, heat exhangers manufacturers, etc.) who want to get acquainted with the traditional background and the most recent developments of this discipline.

G.P. Celata - ENEA, Italy, 7 lectures on: Flow Boiling
P. Di Marco - Università di Pisa, Italy, 7 lectures on: Pool Boiling
H-M. Prasser - Foschungszentrum Rossendorf e.V. Dresden, Germany, 6 lectures on: Diagnostics of the Interfacial Area
P. Stephan - University of Technology Darmstadt, Germany, 6 lectures on: Microscale Phenomena in Boiling
J.R. Thome - EPFL LTCM STI/ISE, Lausanne, Switzerland, 6 lectures on: Flow Boiling of Mixtures and in Microchannels
V.V. Wadekar - Hyprotech UK Ltd, Harwell, UK, 6 lectures on: Enhancement of Boiling Heat Transfer and Boiling Heat Exchangers

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