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NEOTISS, world leader in thin welded tubes, serves all industry markets from power generation and desalination to process, automotive or aerospace. We supply tubes in titanium, austenitic and ferritic stainless steel, but also duplex and specific ... voir plus high alloys grade in a wide range of dimensions and designs. Tubes can be straight or U-bent and smooth or with enhanced surface (corrugated, low finned, helix and inner ribbed).
Furthermore, tube shape can be cylindrical, oblong, square or rectangular with length ranging from 10 centimeters to 25 meters. Thanks to our extensive range of products, we can deliver the most suitable tube design for each type of application.
NEOTISS has more than 40 years experience and a long list of worldwide references. We are a worldwide player with production capacity in five countries (France, the USA, China, South Korea, and India) and sales representations in several countries.
Activité(s) principale(s)

- Titanium Welded Tubes
- NEOTISS™ Helix Tubes
- Stainless Steel Welded Tubes
- NEOTISS™ HPT Finned Tubes
- EGR Cooler Gas Tubes

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 Site Internet : http://www.neotiss.com/heat-exchanger-tubes
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