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From its headquarters in Munich, Germany, MTU Aero Engines AG coordinates a global network of subsidiaries in addition to most of its development activities. The Munich site is home to multiple production halls in which we manufacture military and ... voir plus commercial engine components and assemble modules and engines. We set up a commercial final assembly line in 2016: one third of all Pratt & Whitney GTFTM engines for the Airbus A320neo are assembled in Munich.
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Engine components “made by MTU” are some of the best the global market has to offer. We produce world-class low-pressure turbines, high-pressure compressors and turbine center frames.
Aircraft engines are high-tech products in a class of their own ... voir plus and require innovative manufacturing processes and repair techniques. That’s where we come in: our expertise spans the full spectrum of activities—from process development and implementation, to new testing and measurement methods, to production and maintenance planning and automation.
System tasks are also becoming increasingly important for us.
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 Site Internet : https://www.mtu.de/
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