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Joint 18th International Heat Pipe Conference and 12th International Heat Pipe Symposium

12 juin 2016 - 16 juin 2016

The conference topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Fundamental studies on thermal-fluid phenomena associated with heat pipes and closed two-phase thermosyphons.
  • Theoretical and experimental studies of on heat pipes and thermosyphons, including capillary pumped loop (CPL), loop heat pipe (LHP), oscillating (or pulsating) heat pipes, mini/micro-heat pipes, etc.
  • Electronics cooling applications, including thermal control of microelectronics and power electronics, cooling of CPU, LED system.
  • Heat pipe and thermosyphon applications in energy industry, including heat exchangers, heat regenerators, new and renewable energy systems, etc.
  • Aerospace applications of heat pipes, including spacecraft thermal control, space power systems, aircraft thermal control, avionics cooling, etc.
  • Heat pipes for special applications, including biomedical instruments, precision metrology, agricultural facilities, environmental systems, etc.
  • Manufacturing process and material processing associated with heat pipes and thermosyphons, including new developments of wicks, working fluids, materials, modeling of corrosion and life tests.
  • State-of-the-art heat pipe development and applications, novel ideas of heat pipe development.

Prix d’entrée/de participation de l’événement : Entre 300 et 850$ suivant le profil (Etudiant, industriel…).


Début :
12 juin 2016
Fin :
16 juin 2016
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