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Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning Conference

11 juin 2017 - 16 juin 2017

Deposit formation occurs in most refining, chemical, desalination, and power generating processes. This widespread phenomenon is associated with significant environmental impact; additional energy consumption leads to 1-2.5% of global CO2 emissions. Increased pressure drop can reduce production. The cost penalties due to fouling in heat exchanger applications alone have been estimated as about 0.25% of the GDP of industrialized countries. Because of the cost related to fouling, a high value is placed on knowledge and technology that can alleviate the problem.

The aim of this conference is to facilitate innovative thinking through the sharing of ideas, research, and technology as well as encourage collaboration by providing an environment that promotes interaction, discussion, and networking. The schedule includes formal presentation and poster sessions, numerous opportunities for ad hoc discussions, and organized social activities (meals, evening socials, and a field trip!). This event will include topics on all types of fouling of heat exchangers from all industry sectors. Because fouling is a complex problem, all approaches and perspectives on the topic are welcome regardless of whether the topic is theoretical, practical approaches, case studies, modeling, cleaning technique, or a new invention. We encourage submission from both industry and academia. Students are also welcome to participate and present their work.

The key themes of the 2017 Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning Conference are :
- Crude oil and hydrocarbon fluid fouling
- Fouling in cooling water and thermal desalination units
- Fouling in:
• Power Plants
• Dairy and food industries
• Automotive industry
- Surface and chemical treatment
- Modeling and CFD studies of fouling processes
- Anti-fouling design of heat exchangers
- Mechanisms of heat transfer fouling (crystallisation, particulate, reaction,
corrosion, solidification, and biofouling)
- Micro and compact heat exchanger fouling
- Fouling mitigation
- Cleaning of heat exchangers
- Monitoring of heat exchanger fouling

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Début :
11 juin 2017
Fin :
16 juin 2017
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