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25th international congress ‘Energy and the Environment’ 2016

26 octobre 2016 - 28 octobre 2016


The international congress Energy and the Environment 2016, the 25th in a series, will be held from October 26th to October 28th, 2016 in Opatija, Croatia. This gathering will consist of two conferences and an exhibition of equipment and new technologies in the fields of environmental protection, efficient use of energy and renewable sources of energy. The first conference, “Climate change and energy security in Southeast Europe: technological, institutional and legal challenges” will unfoldbe held through a series of plenary lectures with a related poster session. The second conference, “Clean Energy for a Better World” will be centred on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. It will be conducted through both plenary and technical lectures with a related poster session.

Conference “Climate change and energy security in South East Europe”
The Paris Climate Conference in December 2015 has been lauded by many as a great success. But huge efforts will be needed to implement the very ambitious goals agreed upon with respect to limiting global warming. Since radical decarbonisation is one of the crucial goals, the present conference addresses the relationship linking the issues of climate change and the security of the energy supply, with the focus upon South-East Europe. All countries in the region are closely linked to the EU, either as member states, or as aspiring EU members. The issues to be discussed shall include all relevant segments and aspects: environment, ethics, society, economy and security. The proposed format of the conference foresees a number of featured in-depth presentations, each followed with ample time for discussion among the panellists, as well as all participants. Moreover, additional specialised technical papers on the topics of the conference are welcome to be submitted.

Conference “Clean Energy for a Better World”
Energy as one of the basic necessities of man in terms of everyday life, production and transportation has also become one of the most important problems of the modern age. The growing demand for energy in the world, and the increasing awareness of the impact of man on the environment imposes stringent conditions on future energy systems. Advanced energy technologies and solutions as a result of the synergy between various scientific branches increasingly rely upon multidisciplinary developmental methods. In this spirit of the multidisciplinary development of new technologies and the great efforts of researchers, as well as the considerable financial investment, great strides towards an ever wider use of renewable energy sources and optimization of existing conventional sources have been achieved. The international congress Energy and the Environment 2016 will enable participants to present their latest research results, past experiences, future visions and practical experiences in the field of energy and environmental protection through a full range of topics that reflect the multidisciplinary nature of these important areas of human activity. An accompanying exhibition will present an overview of the latest technical achievements in the fields of environmental protection, efficient use of energy and renewable sources of energy.

The official languages will be English and Croatian.

We invite you to the international congress Energy and the Environment 2016, which is a traditional meeting place of scientists and experts from various fields, which again this year will make its indispensable contribution to the promotion and popularization of the latest scientific achievements in the field of energy, renewable energy sources and environmental protection.

I. Conference “Climate change and energy security in South East Europe”
● EU institutional and legal frameworks on climate change and energy security: before and after the 2015 Paris climate change conference
● Regional models of climate change impacts on economic sectors, and related adaptation policies and practices in South-East Europe
● National emission reduction goals: comparisons, costs, obstacles and synergies
● National and regional policies and deployment instruments of low-carbon technologies, energy efficiency, and cleaner transport
● Approaches to reducing dependence on import of fossil energy on national and regional levels
● Coping with (short-term) energy security challenges resulting from conflicts and confrontations in the regions bordering South East Europe
● Fostering transboundary connectivity and distribution networks for cleaner forms of energy (electricity from renewable sources, gas as an intermediary solution)

II. Conference “Clean Energy for a Better World”

Renewable Energy Sources
● Thermal and Photovoltaic Solar Energy
● Biomass Energy
● Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies
● Storage technologies: thermal and non-thermal
● Wind Energy
● Ocean Energy
● Geothermal energy
● Hydroenergy

Environmental Protection
● Efficient Energy Use, Heating and Cooling in Architecture and in Residential Buildings
● Efficient and Clean Use of Energy in Transport
● Solutions for Efficient Energy Conversion and Storage
● Environmental Management in Urban Environments
● Reduction of GHG Emissions: Technology and Management
● Adaptation to Climate Change: Technology and Management
● Nanotechnology in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection
● Architecture and Construction for Climate Protection
● Solar Energy and Built Environment for Climate Protection
● Solar Energy in Architecture and Built Environment for Climate Protection


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26 octobre 2016
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28 octobre 2016
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