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Accueil / Évènement / Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning XIII – 2019

Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning XIII – 2019

Quand :
2 juin 2019 – 7 juin 2019 Jour entier
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Holiday Inn Warsaw - Józefów

Numerous studies have shown that heat exchanger fouling may lead to 1 – 2.5% of global CO2 emissions. Furthermore, cost penalties associated with heat exchanger fouling are estimated to be roughly 0.25% of the gross domestic product (GDP) for industrialized countries. The high costs associated with fouling have facilitated the urgency in solving this complex problem.

The Heat Exchanger Fouling & Cleaning Conference provides a unique opportunity to facilitate innovative thinking through the sharing of ideas, research, and technology. Collaboration is encouraged through interaction, discussion, and networking. Attendees will be able to participate in informative presentation and poster sessions, as well as interactive ad hoc discussions. Social activities—meals, evening receptions, and an offsite excursion—are also planned.

Submissions from industry and academia—including students presenting their work—are welcome. Because fouling and fouling mitigation is a complex problem, all areas regarding this topic are accepted, including both practical and theoretical approaches, case studies, modeling, techniques on cleaning, or new inventions.

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