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14th IEA Heat Pump Conference

Quand :
15 mai 2023 – 18 mai 2023 Jour entier
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United States
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International Energy Agency Technology Collaboration Program for Heat Pumping Technologies (IEA TCP HPT)
14th IEA Heat Pump Conference

Heat Pumps – Resilient and Efficient
First held in 1983, the 14th edition in the IEA Heat Pump Conference series will offer a unique meeting place to share developments and prospects in technology and markets for heat pumps, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment and systems for residential, commercial and industrial application.

About the conference
Clean, efficient, and reliable energy systems are essential to meeting basic needs for comfortable, secure, and environmentally friendly building environments; food processing, transport, and storage; and industrial processes. Many analysts estimate that it will not be possible to achieve long-term climate, security, and energy goals without increasing the use of renewable heating and cooling hand in hand with large scale refurbishment and renovation of the world’s existing buildings and industrial infrastructure.

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Le GRETh, fédère un collectif d'industriels dont l'activité est la fabrication d’échangeurs et d’équipements thermiques, les études d’ingénieries d’installations thermiques pour l’industrie et le bâtiment ainsi que l’exploitation de sites de production et de conversion d’énergie.